Weird And Unique Phone Cases And Images

There are distinct advantages when designing a unique phone case online. Thanks to technology and the use of state of the art printers, the resulting images is of such a high quality that you can use a variety of different perspective when designing in photo shop.

While some mobile phones cases come in varying sizes and shapes, like ears and boobies and sandwiches. You can actually replicate some of these shapes and illusions through the use of 3D art work and carefully positioned imagery where the edges of the phones meet.

If you take the phone's shape as your canvas and start to look at it as something else entirely different. You can effectively turn your mobile into another object just by designing a unique phone case. Let's look at a few such unique designs and ideas.

Fancy a Ham sandwich, what about a toastie? With the full wrap around premium edition cover you can design the edges of the phone. This provides the ability to design all the visible sides of your mobile when it is laying face down on the table or another surface.

Make the sides of the image a piece of toast and place photos of food on the rear. You could do this with 3d image shading or simply place photos of food objects in our interface. Upload bacon, eggs and fried tomato. Await your toastie phone case and place it on the plate at breakfast for the desired effect.

You can apply these image tricks to make your mobile phone look like a cassette tape, an etcha sketch, a paint set or even an unwrapped chocolate bar. Some of our most popular 3D mobile cases feature bank notes, credit cards or a packet of cigarettes. Depending on how big your mobile phone or tablet is, you could replicate the design of any rectangular object.

Try it for yourself. To design a unique phone case open up our interface and upload images of objects. You may wish to take exact photo phone case dimensions and design an image in photoshop first. Then upload using one of the custom templates and see how it might look once printed out.

Not all photos work but if you wish to have a little fun at the pub, especially after people have had a few drinks. You can place your mobile on the table and use your unique phone case to deceive or make fun of those around you. It's a great party trick, especially when someone with an hangover thinks you've cooked them breakfast in the morning.

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. The modern world has seen a vast amount of changes, chief among them being the immense strides made by telecommunications technology over recent decades.

The changes in telecommunications technology seem almost endless and they keep coming, with one product taking over from the last in the blink of an eye.

In the telecommunications industry new products and innovations are being released daily, to the extent that your new mobile phone might already be obsolete by tomorrow.

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