We operate an unequalled service for the installation and support of office based telecommunications and data networks.

Latest technology

The company’s web based maintenance service puts the latest technology at your service. Our dedicated engineers will be your site champions and they’ll answer all your questions and offer best advice.

Uniquely we do not charge our customers any premium for the reporting and managing of faults on any third-party networks and equipment that is associated with telecommunications networks we maintain. eg BT line faults can be reported to us and will be managed by our service desk.

Service monitored

We monitor our service to make sure it continues to improve. We will audit our teams and response times to ensure things are running well and we welcome feedback from you in person or via our website. Our engineers always arrive on site ‘fully loaded’. This means they’re clearly briefed, with all the tools, work plans and components to do the job. We also have a dedicated support team with the administration and communications skills to reinforce our technical competence.

Many of our customers want to make sure every aspect of their phone is dealt with, from tariffs to personalised phone cases for Blackberries or Samsung Galaxys.

 A service is designed to make your business more successful.

PAyPhonE telecoms

PAyPhone are a UK-based provider of internet and telecommunications services and technology.

Founded in 2010, PayPhone has worked in a number of areas, including internet billing, voice over IP and value-added telephony services.

PayPhone are looking to built our own infrastructure to support its operations, and has both its internet and telecommunications systems distributed over two sites in London, connected to each other by a leased dark fibre network.

Modern Telecommunications

. The modern world has seen a vast amount of changes, chief among them being the immense strides made by telecommunications technology over recent decades.

The changes in telecommunications technology seem almost endless and they keep coming, with one product taking over from the last in the blink of an eye.

In the telecommunications industry new products and innovations are being released daily, to the extent that your new mobile phone might already be obsolete by tomorrow.

You can send us an email if you want to know more about Modern Telecommunications; we will get back to you as soon as we are able.